NFC Shield


Does the NFC Shield sold by Seedstudio allow for an FTDI Cable (so that I can link to libnfc)? If seems to me that an FTDI Cable may be convenient for coding. I futher plan to require password access to the data on a Mifare tag using coding (OCR would be ideal).

I should point out that I know nothing about electronics or coding - I am an Arts student. I would like to demonstrate NFC technology - simulating NFC enabled phones. I have been advised to build using an Arduino board and NFC Shield. I am not sure what I need and I like the NFC shield on offer because it looks like this NFC Shield does not require soldering or other tools. If you think I need more components (arduino board, NFC shield, FTDI Cable, Mifare card), please let me know.

Best regards

The NFC Shield just need a mini use cable to link to computer. And you don’t need any other components, what you have now is enough.
For the more detail of how to use the NFC Shield you can see the wiki: … NFC_Shield