NFC Shield with MIFARE ISO14443B & Felica

Noticed that the NFC shield can only read MIFARE ISO14443A cards. Is there plan to provide support for PN532_MIFARE_ISO14443B and Felica protocol? When will it be?

I need the NFC shield to read CEPAS card (just to read the CAN number will do!) issued in Singapore, any advice how to go about adding in this function?




The NFC Shield can support ISO14443B & Felica, and we will add the protocols to the NFC Ardunio library soon.

what is the protocol of CEPAS card? The NFC Shield can only support MIFARE, ISO14443A/B & Felica.

CEPAS is a contactless e-Purse standerd that make use of one of the MIFARE, ISO14443A/B & Felica standards.

May I know roughly when the new library will be updated as I need these new features badly?

Thanks in advance!

Hi WenYiHou,
You mentioned in the last post that the libraries for ISO/IEC 14443B & Felica will be out soon. Can I get an update when?

As I need to read the Type B card urgently in my project, is it possible that I code the ISO/IEC 14443B lib myself? How to go about doing it? Can advise? Thanks in advance.


Get I get an update on when the the libraries for ISO/IEC 14443B & Felica will be out soon?



Hi PH ,
Our NFC shield can only support ISO14443A card , for this products , very sorry that we do still not decide to do developing for reading ISO14443B & Felica card at present.


Is it possible to read ID and data from Mifare Ultralight? This differs from 1k, but I believe it should not be difficult. Can you include the examples into the library?

Reading the NFC-UltralightID can be done with the existing library using InListPassiveTarget.

Reading/Writing data must be implemented according to the standard.

Reading IDs from Felica, MIFARE_ISO14443B and other formats can be done by InAutoPoll without much effort. Otherwise InListPassiveTarget must be adapted to the specific card type.

If you read more than one tag simultaneously you need to release the tags with InRelease before you inlist them again.