NFC Shield V2 Power Down

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem: I’m trying to implement a new function in the PN532 libraries which would give me the possibility to shut down the PN532 module in order to reduce power consumption and heat production and then waking up from my code.
Here is the power down function in PN532 I wrote :

This part seems to work (the module is not found and stop to heat).

But now to wake up… even when calling begin() (which call wakeup defined in PN532_SPI, nothing happen and I’m oblige to Hard reset (and plug out & plugin) to recover the board.

I know in SPI mode the NSS line must be LOW as already done in PN532_SPI before sending command in order to wake up:

Documentation : (from p.98)

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I can’t post any code…