NFC shield V2.0

Hi, I connect the shield to MEGA 2560 but it didn’t find PN53x board.

Here’s how I connect the PINS:
MEGA 2560 53 51 50 52
NFC Shield 10 11 12 13

I use the libraries from the wiki page: and change the ReadTag code to use SPI.
I’ve also changed PN532_SPI interface(SPI, 10); to PN532_SPI interface(SPI, 53);

Any idea? :cry:

Just plug NFC Shield onto the Mega directly, and you don’t need to modify the program, it can work well with Mega via the default demo without any changes.


I too am getting the same message in the serial console:

I’ve tried both the included example sketch and the suggested amendments to the sketch here: but aside from changing the baud rate (the example runs at 9600 and the amended runs at 115200) the message in the serial console is the same.

I’m using an Arduino Uno with the NFC Shield V2.0 - SLD01097P, connected directly together using the header pins. I thought perhaps it was voltage related and tried with a 12v supply to the UNO but no change.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Hi, I tried to connect the NFC Shield to Mega directly, but still got the error message:

NDEF Reader
write: 2
Time out when waiting for ACK
Didn’t find PN53x board

Here’s the pic:

any suggestion?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Has someone finally cracked this problem?
I got the same thing happened when i attached my arduino uno and my NFC shield V2.

Please tell me too how you finally solve this problem :frowning:

The communication way of NFC shield is SPI, so it’s necessary to solder the SPI header, then the NFC shield can communicate with the main board.