NFC Shield V2.0 via USB to UART serial dongle

Hello folks.

I’m trying to connect NFC Shield V2.0 via USB to UART dongle on cp210x chipset on Linux system.

I’m connect it by this way:

What I doing wrong?

USB dongle is working correctly. I have /dev/ttyUSB0 but nfc-list returns:

# nfc-list
No NFC device found.

I’m sure that USB UART dongle is working normal and /dev/ttyUSB0 is a right device.
I’m also trying to switch TX/RX.

Here is debug log:
a 2014-05-23 04-18-44 2014-05-23 04-18-47.png

I can’t post this log in text, because it detects as spam.


The NFC Shield V2.0 uses SPI interface instead of UART. The UART you connected belongs to Arduino Uno and is D0 and D1 : (
Sorry to make you confused.
Grove - NFC uses UART interface and is designed for this case.