NFC Shield V2.0 --- Power-on-self-Test or similar??????

hi guys, *** hi seeed engineers ***

in addition to my last post (Arduin Uno + NFC Shield V2.0 = PN53x not found?!)

i would like you to ask two things just to solve problems on my own,

and to be sure the shield is corrupted or (hopefully) not.

  1. Which signals (Low, High) (or Analogue??) have to be send/given on which pins
    of the shield to start(!) A SIMPLE reaction by the shield (just a *i am living)
    without library, protocols etc…
    I Explain: Similar to a sketch polling a pushbutton on Pin 12 and flashing LED on Pin13
    on request! Or on which Pins someone can measure something (without danger)
    when giving power to the shield (like a Power-on-self-Test in PC-BIOS)

  2. Which pins have to be wired to an host (arduino) to make the shield work
    WITHOUT fixing it as a shield … for example with dupont-connectors???

Greetings & thanks in advance! :wink:

Hey ,

As for your first question, i’m sorry there is no function as you said.

The NFC shield has used SPI port, digital 10 is a default SS pin. Other pins are connected to 23 6pin SPI header,but have no connection to 18 8pin header. Forgive my poor description, maybe you can refer to its schematic directly.

And digital 2 is reserved pin, ignore it.