NFC Shield V2.0 in UART Mode

Hi all,

I bought the NFC Shield V2.0 PN532 based reader to use in one of my projects. I have been able to communicate with other PN532 modules using UART communication. However, I have been trying to communicate with the NFC Shield V2.0 using UART without any luck.

Is this NFC Shield V2.0 module set to SPI only or set to SPI by default? How can I make this work in UART mode?

I am using the four UART pins (5V, GND, TX, and RX) in the center white connector labeled as UART, and nothing happens. No response whatsoever from the module.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Note: I am using a PIC microcontroller. I have been successful using these PICs with other PN532 modules before.