nfc shield v2.0 + arduino uno: NO PN53x FOUND!?

hello everybody,

i just tried my new nfc shield V2.0b on a arduino uno r3,

used the latest LIB from Github: …SPI_V2

but there is always the text “Hello…” and “pn3x not found”…

how is it possible to know, that the shield “reacts” on spi,
has enough power…??

the shield is mounted with the solder headers
on the uno, also after uploading a nfc sketch the light (13)
flashes, but no response from the shield or the pn532…

thanks for advices…

greetz tomlee

Same problem here.

Nfc shield v2.0 + arduino uno = Didn’t find PN53x board.

readMifare sketches does not compile :

readMifare.pde: In function ‘void setup()’: readMifare.pde:31:3: error: ‘nfc’ was not declared in this scope

Where is ‘nfc’ declaration?

Come on guys, pls answer.

I just submitted a pull request to solve the problem for

readMifare.pde: In function ‘void setup()’: readMifare.pde:30:3: error: ‘nfc’ was not declared in this scope

But still thinking that the shield I bought is corrupted: “Didn’t find PN53x board” is driving me to hell.


Enable debug message output and use a lower SPI speed may help solve the problem.

  1. Enable debug message output
    define “DEBUG” in PN532_debug.h"

  2. use a lower SPI speed
    In PN532::begin() function of PN532_SPI/PN532_SPI.cpp, use lower SPI speed, such as