NFC Shield v2.0 and Phone (Android / Blackberry)

  1. I have a SeeedStudio(SS) NFC Shield v2.0, connected to a Arduino UNO R3
  2. The firmware pushed into Arduino is the p2pinitiator sample code provided by SS in the PN532_SP library.
  3. The Arduino is connected via a USB cable to my PC at COM4
  4. I have sample NDEF Android Push application in my Google Nexus 3
  5. If I tap my phone on the SS NFC shield antenna

What should be the expected response?

Nothing will happen.
To communicate with Android phone, The p2pinitiator example doesn’t work.
There is a new library( to do this job. This library is still in development, help is welcome.

Thanks a bunch !. I will give this a try and share my feedback

I just extracted your library on arduino UNO R3 “library” folder. Do i have to do anything different or more?

I tried compiling your samples Nfc_ndef_pull i am getting an error PN532::PN532(int,int,int,int) on the line PN532 nfc(SCK, MISO, MOSI, SS);

Any help would be appreciated

It sounds to me like you still have the old PN532 library added in you library path. I just pulled the new library source from github inside my libraries folder and it worked for me.

You are right my bad. Sorry it didn’t hit me.