NFC Shield V1.0 spec sheet

I’m simply looking for the spec sheet for the NFC shield V1.0. I’m trying to attach the shield to a host CPU (not Arduino) using SPI. For starters, how can I know when the whole shield is on? Does the SPI VCC pin power the whole shield? What is the range of the input Voltage? What is the wake up time? Can I choose which pin is the SPI slave select pin? I realize a lot of what I need is in the PN532 spec sheet, but I need details about the shield. Thank you.

Hi,more detailed information we have posted on our wiki(,which includes eagle
files , libraries , datasheet, etc

No,you might need a external power,because SPI VCC can’t provide enough power to the shield

You can refer to PN532.h, it says “#define PN532_WAKEUP 0x55”

no,we have selected,you can refer to our eagle of NFC.