nfc shield v 2.0 problem

Hello! I have bought nfc shield v 2.0. I have a problem. I use example PtoPTarget. Function configurePeerAsTarget() return false every time.

Can you help me?

Regards, Alexey Petrov

Hi, Alexey,

If you want to communicate with android 4.0+, please use a new library — https:/

I want to communicate with iso 1443a Reader-Writer (ACR 122, Cardman 5321) and emulate contactless card

https:/ supports card emulation now. I can use NFC Shield as a NFC tag 4 card.

Hi there guys, I bought the NFC shield v2.0. My project is to communicate with any android power phone over the beam feature. I have been following the library and the different bugs that have been fixed. The last version of the library works fine with a Samsung S3, it sends and receive data from arduino. Nevertheless when I use the samsung S4, I can receive data from the arduino but I can not beam to it. pn532_output.png
I was trying to understand what thes HEX code mean but I don’t know the protocol.