NFC Shield + NDEF Messages

I have a simple MIFARE 1K tag with a plain text message recorded on it.

How can I read that message with the NFC Shield? Can the NFC Shield read NDEF Messages?

Current setup:
I am using code provided from the main NFC Shield page ( … NFC_Shield). From the serial monitor, I can only get the ID of my tag, but not the message on it. Reading just IDs is plain useless, right?

I played around with the various API functions, but without luck.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



  1. I tried to use the libnfc library with the Seeedstudion NFC Shield, but it plain did not work. The tools that come with the library did not recognise the board. (link:
  2. I’m perplexed. I bought the NFC Shield, but can it even read NDEF messages stored in simple Mifare Classic tags?

Sure that NFC shield can read NDEF message .But it only read memory data(Hex yards)that text message recorded on it . You can download “Arduino Lib for NFC Shield” on the wiki Choose the example readMifareMemory.

best regards. 

I was able to read memory blocks as suggested by the library provided. However, I felt that the library is quite weak.

I expected the ability to extract the relevant information, convert HEX into ASCII and detect what kind of NDEF message of stored: E.g URI, Plain text etc.

Do you hint that I have to create my own functions to complement the library, in order to perform the above tasks?

Furthermore, I asked Google, but to no avail. Can the libnfc library work with the NFC Shield? The hardware compatibility page states that it fully supports the PN532 Breakout board from Adafruit. However, the Seeedstudio NFC Shield is also a PN532-based board.

Thank you for your support.