NFC shield compatibility with official WiFi shield


I’m trying to use NFC shield ver.1.0 with official Arduino WiFi shield. I have what looks like conflicting SPI initialization - if I run NFC initialization after Wifi, NFC works and WiFi doesn’t. If I change the order of the initialization, WiFi works and NFC doesn’t. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Got it fixed, details here -> … ta-formats

Hi,thanks for sharing. We will take it into consideration.

I’m currently trying the same as in this blog and I’m kinda unexperienced with arduino. I have a arduino mega 2560 and added both a wifi shield(official) and a nfc shield(V2.0) on top of it.

I removed the wifiled in the WIFI library, and swapped the path from SS->10 to SS->9. I then edited the PN532.cpp file according to the link above and I did the hardware modifications as it is done in post 2.

Now when I use either shield on it’s own on top of the arduino, they both work flawlessly. Only when I stack the 2 shields together on the arduino, only the Wifi shield seems to function.

In order to test if the shields work I run the provided scripts. For wifi this is the script that scans the available networks, for NFC it is a script that reads the targetID.

Does anyone know how I can fix this, as at the end of the guide I still get
Didn’t find PN53x board’

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