NFC Shield + Android


I have been reading around the internet looking for anyone who had made a project using the Seeed NFC shield and Android in peer-to-peer mode. Thus far I haven’t found anything and I can’t seem to get the Android app nor the shield to do anything… Anybody have some source they can share or any advice? It seems like the Android SDK only allows Android Beam which is a protocol on top of NDEF. I also ran into a AndroidAccessory library but I think that has more to do with USB and Bluetooth.


There is a library( to do the job. This library is still in development, help is welcome.

This is great. Beam appears to be working. Is this library complete or are there some missing features or is this library simply not stable yet? I ran into some issues where beaming would quit working but this is much better than writing this all from scratch.

Thanks a ton.

This library is based on

I dit some dirty hack to make it work, the code need to clean and reorganize.
Perhaps, you can help to improve this library(fork, send pull requests in github).

Yeah, I will definitely fork it.

What do you mean by “dirty hack”? Where is it in the code and what do we need to do to fix it?

What I mean is current code is not easy to understood and read