NFC Shield and Mifare Classic Cards

Hi guys. I have a perplexing problem and I don’t know what to do anymore. Does the NFC shield support Mifare Classic tags/cards? The issue I’m having is that I have mifare classic cards, and when I scan them, it sometimes read the uid data, although it says that it detected a card. And when it does detect the uid, it’s never the same. It’s always a random number!!!

The second and more important issue, is that when I start up the console, sometimes it doesn’t detect the PN chip. More times than not in fact. And when it does detect the chip, it’s always different as well.

I’m using a freetronics etherten board, 6v power + usb. I am using the initialization settings as per the wiki. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It can support Mifare card like 13.56MHz RFID book tag and Mifare-One RFID Tag (13.56MHz) .
I have test it , and work right . Please check , or try to use other card ,thanks`


Hi so I figured out the problem. The problem was the freetronics board. Although they say it’s 100% compatible, it’s not. I tested the board on an original uno board and it works as expected, even with mifare classic cards. I have contacted the manufacturer of the freetronics board and he has suggested a workaround, which is not ideal, but it is workable. Thank you very much for your help.