NFC Shield and I2C support

From the eagle file it looks like the protocol selection PINs of PN532 are hardwired to SPI (S0-LOW; S1-HIGH) in Seeedstudio NFC shield. Is there an easy way/hack to change it to I2C (S0-HIGH; S1-LOW)?

(I want to use I2C instead of SPI because I need free digital PINs available for my project in Arduino UNO and I2C will only require analogue PINS)

Oh , very sorry that , it is impossible because it would spend a lot of time for change the library .


did u got any success in using I2C with shield?

This is new to me. I have three Ethernet shields: the Official Arduino R3 Ethernet Shield with PoE module populated, the Freetronics Ethernet Shield, and the Seeed Studio Ethernet Shield V1.1 I picked up at Radio Shack on clearance… What brand/version of Ethernet Shield are you using? Is this the only shield connected to the Arduino?