NFC Shield 2.1 and Seeeduino Ethernet

I bought a Seeeduino Ethernet and Seeedstudio NFC v2.1 shield.

I followed the instructions on the wiki precisely (downloading libararies from github).

When I try sketch examples the sketches compile and download but the NFC shield is not detected.

The ouptut is: Didn’t find PN53x board

I tried the samples with SPI and then using I2C - with the same result.

What can be the issue?

Is the Seeeduino Ethernet compatible with the NFC shield v2.1 ?

I saw that the NFC shield v2.1 has PIN headers IOREF , SCL and SDA that do not exist on the Seeduino Ethernet

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Hi there,

Seeeduino Ethernet pin 10 is to control the connection to the Ethernet controller(SPI SS). The NFC shield also use the spi to communicate with arduino. There is a SS pad near the grove port on the nfc shield, please try to cut the D10 and solder to D9, please change the nfc shield ss pin to D9 as well.