Next Xiao board with Matter?

After the Next Xiao board with LoRa?, another idea for the Xiao line: a Matter-capable board.

In Arduino and Silicon Labs team up to make the Matter protocol accessible to all, Arduino and Silicon Labs have announced the availability of the core and launch of a Nano board with Matter capabilities.

I have been using Silicon Labs MCUs for a while: everything works as expected, the SDK is very clean and well documented Xiao would bring the compact form-factor and affordability to the Matter standard.

So, could we expect a Xiao Matter?

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We can dream… LOL
I see the matter running on a Nrf52840 already.
There’s a Youtube demo “techsms” successfully built and demonstrated.
I would like some wifi on the Nrf5X series if I’m pontificating on it… LORA would be good too.
In arduino though would be a stretch, they barely make the IDE work, no Debugging working in general on all BSP’s They should fix that and other USER interface stuff. IMO.
Looking forward :sunglasses:
GL :slight_smile: PJ

I want a 5G Xiao Nrf5x with a cell modem & Sim :rabbit:

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AFAIK , the Xiao Nrf52840 already does support it and or the ESP xiao? I saw a Youtube video from " tech SMS", I think demo the install and setup.
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I want a 3G/4G IOT Xiao… :smile:

Sure, but the Silicon Labs core for Arduino features the Matter libraries.

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