Newbie requesting any help on WSN project

Hi all,

Apologies in advance for not having anything to contribute as I am really just getting into Arduino and microcontroller platforms. Just a quick inquiry if anyone has spare time to give some pointers about product selection and links to learning materials (especially the coding bit).

I am designing a simple WSN with a few sensing nodes and a base station to send data to IoT platform for logging and visualisation. I wanted to use Zigbee or Bluetooth at first, but since Seeed Studio seem to be out of those wireless modules, I think I am left with nRF24L01 (I plan to order the parts all at once). Also, the wifi module selection that is in-stock is rather limited, and the Grove - UART WiFi V2 (ESP8285) seem have some issues from what I read in the reviews. Should I opt for one of the more expensive wifi shields? Also, is there a recharging battery shield or module for the Seeeduino V4.2 that I plan to use? I found some great ones but they are from different retailers and takes a long time to ship. I really want to make the nodes as neat and portable as possible with minimal wiring.

Any input is much appreciated.