Newbie Questions about Gabonator's great UI

I’m new to this forum, and have no experience of any technical stuff for the DSO203, however I have just put Gabonator’s App onto my unit.

It is definitely a great improvement on the original UI that came with the unit, however I have a few questions, that maybe I’m missing some understanding of the operation of the unit.

  1. The front end menu seems to require a combination of both up/down switches to move around the grid, one for vertical and the other for horizontal movement.
    Would it not be simpler for either button to move left or right and just drop to the start of the next row (right click) or move up to the end of the previous row (left click)

  2. I had lots of issues seeing the cursors in the cursor page, mainly because two of the cursors are grey on a grey grid.
    I can’t seem to find a way of changing the cursor colours (horizontal pair or vertical pair)

Also it appears that if they are set to auto, even though the values on the right side change the cursors don’t move.

  1. I’ve played with saving .BMP images and trying to look at them with a windows BMP editor. All the editors say the files are corrupt.
    The WAV save works fine, I can open the files in both Audacity and Adobe Audition.

  2. Is it likely that the FFT page will have a way of moving the display, mainly baseline position. And I assume it is fixed to display the signal on channel A.

Love the App, and you deserved to win the competition, many thanks.
Steve Smith