Newbie question on BenF firmware

Hi everyone
I’ve just bought my first DS201 and after searching the internet I reckon this forum is my best hope for some good advice, so here goes.
My unit has a metal case, 8MB internal flash memory and the following specification:
Hardware version 1.0
LCM ILI_9341
Firmware V3.28D
Here are my questions:

  1. I understand from this forum that I can load rimidalv007 patched BenF 3.64 firmware and it will all work but won’t save files to the internal memory. Is that correct?
  2. I’ve also read here that if I short pin 9 on the internal memory to ground then the firmware will think it’s an SD card and work properly. Has anyone tried this and does it work?

Thanks in advance.


OK, I guess that no-one knows so I decided to risk bricking my new toy and loaded the firmware anyway.

It works! It is SO much better than the OEM firmware, so thanks to all the clever people who made it possible.

I still want to know if it’s possible to configure the onboard flash memory to look like an SD card to the firmware. Anyone :question:


Thanx for asking (& answering!) these questions.
I’m a new Nano v3 owner myself, and this is the craziest “open source” piece of hardware I’ve ever seen (aside from a Chinese tablet PC I bought 2 years ago!!).

So I take it that your answer was that the firmware works, but grounding the pin didn’t, so you can’t save anything to memory? This info will help me decide if I want to replace my v3’s OEM 3.29 firmware and 4.22 software (app??).

It would also be nice if we had a list of what the firmware from 3.26 onward does/doesn’t do … anyone?