Hi. I own a DS203 PCB version 2.7B (even it shows at boot Hardware v2.70) it is running currently latest firmware:

that is:

FPGA: 2.61

SYS: 1.64

APP: new WildCat 5.6 release GCCv1.7W5.6 APP (2.51+SmTech1.8+PMOS69 fixes)

Everything is working as charm (except I needed to reinstall after trying the gabonator app …)

and I am asking why my device shows only a Serial Number and not a License Code as everywhere in the forum is asking about even for my model.

Why do I do not have it?

What kind of extra features does it unlock?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Best regards


Hi Steve, Do you want to unlock the DS203? Please take a screen shot about the Serial Number. thanks,

Seeed techsupport team


Hi Hong Jiang.

Thank You for the reply.

My serial number is: 7326B98D

Hardware version: 2.70

on PCB side is 2.7B

I would like to know what kind of feature does it unlock and if I need it.

Best regards


Hi Steve, Please 3CD74D8D or E73272CD as license. thanks.

Seeed techsupport team


Dear Bill.

Can You please link me to the download to the right Firmware for my 2.70 DSO Quad?

I have lost it.

Best regards


Hi Steve, please try appv1.13 <LINK_TEXT text=“ … I4fDB8NjY2”></LINK_TEXT> and Sys v1.64 <LINK_TEXT text=“ … I4fDB8NjY2”></LINK_TEXT> thanks.

Seeed techsupport team


Thank You Bill.

I have downloaded and mounted into the DFU but nothing apparently changed.

So now, please, what’s next.

I have the same screenshot as usual but I cannot enter anywhere the license code.

howto do it?

Sorry for annoying You

Best regards

Hi Steve,

I checked with designer and you have to return to factory for the repair for below issue. Please drop mail to thanks.

best rgds


Hi Bill.

I have dropped the mail by the support.

Thank You so much.

But again I would like to know what kind of feature does the unlock procedure reveal rather than having it not unlocked.

Best regards and thanks.