Newbie Looking for Advice/Information

Hi All,

Just bought my first Arduino Stalker from Excellent service and very friendly staff.

I’m putting together the electricity monitor project and am looking for some guidance on enclosures and mounting. Can anyone help with these queries:

  1. The power connector for the Stalker appears to be a JST connector from some research. Can anyone point me to a supplier of a plug for connection to this? Also what PSU do people use for this board? Will a 9V PP3 work and how long would it last?
  2. What type of enclosure have people used for the board to allow easy access to the SD card? I’d like to mount the LEDs on the enclosure lid for neatness and to secure them in place.
  3. What connections do people use to connect the LEDs to the board? I assume there are specific crimped connector pins for this?

Any other help/advice much appreciated. I’ve got the sketch successfully uploaded. Just need to put the board together and test!


You may use the battery holder with JST connector from this kit.

Stalker v1.0 has stopped selling. There are stalker v2.0 and enclosures on depot.