Newbie help with Wio Terminal and Grove attached HX711 and load cell

Hi, I have been using Arduino some and knows a bit…I thought…Got this Wio Terminal (and battery back with Grove extensions) with the Grove thinking to get it much more convenient and practical with the Gerove concept, LCD and battery, “all inclusive”. But I am banging my head on the wall…The aim is to attach a Grove Hx711 to the Wio and a load cell to the HX. Now I cant find any code to start working on. I am a code cut and paste sofar…Main question…How do I address the different Grove connectors from the code? With the battery back there are 8 Grove attachments.I managed to upgrade the Wio and think now I have the latest firmware…Is there anyone out there that has connected a HX711 to a Wio Terminal with a load cell attached to it?

Did you ever find a solution? I’m running into the same issue now.