(newbie) esp32s3+round display+ other devices?

Hi everyone,
I’m an amateur, so please don’t lynch me at the start. I’m just learning.
I have a set as in the topic,works ok,but I would like to connect three analog sensors, temp.and pressure to it.
Also read about multiplexing on the product page, and on the web in general…
More I read, the stupider I feel :smile:
Do I need an additional expansion board? Because all pins are used in display.
Or maybe I need, a larger esp32 board.

I’m just learning and I’m having fun, I’d be grateful for any tips.

ESP32 has multiple ADC channels as you can see in the pinout here.

So, 3 analog sensors will not be a problem.

Thank you, for your respond.
My mistake was not writing what version I had.
Xiao mini version, where all pin are in use.

That’s why I bought the regular, larger version, and now I have more options.


Not that I’m much more experienced in this field, I think, but maybe some ideas help . . .

I have a similar issue: a XIAO ESP32C3 and a Round Display extension and I want to connect them to some I²C sensors.

You probably won’t need I²C multiplexing if you want to connect a few sensors on unused addresses. See I²C->Buffering and multiplexing on Wikipedia.

Theoretically up to 126 I²C devices can be connected parallel if they have a different address.

XIAO ESP32C3|Pin Multiplexing describes how the ESP32C3 pins can be used as a I²C port to drive a display.

See how RTC function uses I²C.

I think I’ll connect an I²C cable to the XIAO ESP32C3|Pin Multiplexing pins and see how it works.

Pin Multiplexing with Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 shows the same D4(SDA) and D5(SCL) pins, so I’d expect them to work the same.

Check the preferred (or required) voltage of your sensors. Both 3.3V and 5V are available.

UPDATE: I only now noticed the “analog sensors” in the first post, so my reply may not be very useful.


Yeah. I think the regular version is better for your project.