Newbie advice which device & upgrade options

What device do I have and what upgrade options are available for my device. Or is my basic installed version good to go.

I here lots about dfu. But as a newbie not sure if is displayed on my main screen or somewhere else. I do appear to have a memory card slot but no memory card at present.

Hi there,
DFU, Or “Device Firmware Update” is usually a mode you put the hardware in to accept a Firmware update, Sometimes it a menu item and sometimes it’s a button sequence.
I would have a look at the Wiki for the device and see what your choices are. WARNING!!
Sometimes it’s better to see what others who have your device are doing and see if it fits your situation. Lots of Bricks are made by over zealous FOMO users for the latest release.
Start with the WiKi.
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From what I understand I have a v3 nano, but as it has a 3.5mm jack for both the sample waveform and the probe port that is what has me confused. Most of the other ones I have seen on this site have the mcx probes.
Is there a simple way I can confirm what exactly is my hardware and firmware. And if I have actually have the latest firmware installed.
It was supplied to me with a aes wave ignition paddle probe but have since found out the previous owner soldered on his own 3.5mm jack as it came with a mcx originally. Also the back of the case is blank although seemed studios is printed on the case cover and also software.

As previously mentioned it has got the microsd card reader which I would like to use for saving waveforms if possible.

Any help appreciated or advice welcome as I brought this to use at work as is too much of a chore setting up a pc oscilloscope for simple tests so think this would be invaluable if I can get it to work well.
Also as it hasn’t got the mcx port I was hoping to use one of these covers that people use to protect and convert the mcx to bnc to use all my other probes.

Regards japn…

Check out the Search above for DSO NANO,
This link has a zip to upgrade it , Go rad those threads and see if it’s what you need.

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btw, It has a bootloader that presents like a USB drive to also so you can convert the hex to a drag and drop file with some of the dev tools for the ST MCU’s afaik.