New Xiao user - won't upload sketch

I am a new Xiao, hopefully, user. I installed it as instructed on my Arduino 1.8.13 IDE. I connect it to my W10 desktop computer. The computer recognizes it and installs it on COM 18. I open the IDE and it says that it sees the Xiao on COM18…
BUt…when I try to upload something as simple as BLINK, I a message that is is uploading on COM18, then it seems to start searching all comports and finally fails with an error that it cannot find COM18.
This is pretty useless without being able to upload anything. Does anyone have any info on how to fix this?
Thank you.
p.s. I have no trouble uploading sketches to arduinos, STM32 devices, ESP32, ESP8266 on the same computer.

Hi @arniep
Could you try entering bootloader mode and uploading the sketch, or resetting the XIAO?

Note: When entering bootloader mode, the COM port will change and you have to change the COM port from Tools > Port

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I did manage to get it working. What I did was go into Device Manager and change the COM port assignment of the Xiao to a higher unused com port. Then I restarted the Arduino IDE and was able to upload successfully.
Thank you.


You should not have to enter bootloader mode.