new to quad , Vp-p values wrong

hello guys .
just bought the quad , was using nano before .
fw is 2.72

i tested with built in square wave , when i change the voltage division ,for some reason the peak to peak voltage values also change .tested on both a and b channels and same thing happens .

If that is 2.72 and the stock as supplied firmware then there are a few things wrong with that, I believe. Calibration is reported to be a bit problematic as well.

You may want to check out some of the alternative firmwares discussed here like Gabonator, Community and Wildcat. You have to be a little careful here as these were originally developed for the 2MB model and you probably have the 8MB model. This means that saving waveforms / data / settings won’t work unless you use ones modified to be 8MB compatible.

oops , yep , i have the 8mb version , so guess i’m stuck .

You shouldn’t be stuck but you have to switch to one of the alternative firmwares. Check out the ‘fixing the 8Mb issues’ thread.

ok , i installed gabonator app .
it took me a while to figure out how to boot to it . i couldnt find nowhere how to enter the apps in slots 1-4 .figured out myself - hold one of the buttons when powering the device :bulb: