New to LoRaWan?

Hello all…
I have a LoRa-E5. I downloaded the application LoRaWAN_End_Node in the github repo from Seeed and changed parameters according to an STM32 video:
SMT32 Vid

I set up an application on TTN and believe it is correct. I do NOT have any gateway. The question I have is there is a gateway that shows up on TTN Mapper that is about 24.5km away. I know nothing about this gateway other than I can see it on the TTN Mapper. The question I have is how do I know if I have access to use the gateway or not (how does one know if it is public or private)? And do I have to contact the gateway owner to get permission to just use his gateway on his dime??

Sorry as I am sure this seems like a simple question but I just don’t know
Thank you

If the gateway shows up as online on TTNmapper then your devices traffic will go through it:

  • so far it can be reached in term of radio signal, 25.4 is quite possible but also impossible depending of environment !
  • your device is properly registered on TTN network and radio compatible (with E5 should not be a problem :wink:

Do you have an other lora device you could test to see if it reaches that gateway ?

Side note: it’s always a lot easier to get your local gateway (whatever network is used in background: local, ttn, Helium, local telco operator) as it avoids all distances and propagation problems for debugging :smiley:

Thank you…You answered my question…Yes 25km is quite far and I live in a mountainous region 700 m …I am guessing distance is a problem…I guess I was just trying to rationalize why someone would buy a gateway when you live in a populous area where it saves you the cost (granted I am not that person as I live in a very rural area :slight_smile:

For Lora it’s more relief the problem than distance (I get some payloads received by my gateway here quite often that are at 25/30 km but they are at line of sight and also important factor is quality of antennas on both side !). Perhaps you can check on a detailed map if you are able to “see” the gateway from your place or if there are some natural obstacles in between so you’ll know at least if there is a chance or not :wink:

Well it’s your share in the thing, you use freely an infrastructure and in exchange your contribute at deploying the network, it’s fair excharge :wink: Side advantage: when you experiment or use yourself some Lora devices it warranties you that your devices will work :smiley: