New Third-party Firmware : DS0201_APP_yijian Ver2.0 (beta)

It’s not a offical version , and it’s base on firmware V2.2X , you need the DS0201_LIB support , the lib version is V2.21

DS0201_APP_yijian Ver2.0 (beta).rar (13.5 KB)
DS0201_LIB_V2.21.rar (10.7 KB)

About update the firmware V2.2x, you can fine more information here :

A brief operation manual
NewFWmanual.rar (281 KB)

Freezing, in my opinion, the Paul 1.4 firmware is still the best version. Signal mode works very well but your latest firmware has glitches in that it doesn’t “pause” the display once triggered. The display keeps refreshing whenever multiple rising edges are encountered.

You would need to fix this along with the stray pixels appearing after awhile. This gets annoying and one must turn off the unit then back on to clear the display.

Please fix and post an update soon since your latest firmware does have potential :wink: . Until then, I will keep using the Paul 1.4 firmware.


i have the same problems with this software. Also the frequency output doesn´t work at 1MHz. The real duty at 500 kHz is near 30%, not like displayed 50%. The screen looks nice, but it´s not perfect.
regards Michael

The sample rate is approximately 1MHz, so the highest frequency it can reliably display is 500Hz (look at Nyquist Rate). Even then, the displayed wave won’t be square.

Chances are the output frequency is affected by the MCU also having to update the display among other things, so at higher frequencies I’d expect it to be a bit off. Even if it’s driven by a timer interrupt, it’s likely that screen updating will have a higher priority.

I’m looking forward to finishing my degree and having time to mess around with the firmware!