New ST LoRa SoC - STM32WLE5 - module

This is definitely an all-in-one solution for the LoRa node device.
Here come some leaks of the Seeed’s new LoRa module

Here is the final certified module with FCC and CE


This is cool, STM LoRa SOC :star_struck, I wish to have some additional sensors and a solar and LiPo battery Charger! and this might be the all-in-one solution for the LoRa node device, Please share more information when you got it. :yum:

Hello Ken,
Do you have any news about this modules ?
Also interesting RAK4601.

Best wishes

Hi. @x893.00

It’s ready for pre-order now.

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I would love a compact board with the LoRa E5 on a Xiao form-factor.

See #Idea# Xiao LoRa-E5

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