New rpcWiFi lib: Please improve connecting to WiFi Access Points

With the atWiFi library I could connect to different Access Points without problems.
Esp. I could connect to a hosted WiFi network on my Windows 10 PC through an USB WiFi Adapter.
This is very helpful to monitor and debug network traffic with wireshark.

With the new rpcWiFi library I can connect quite reliably to my regular router, but I can’t connect
reliably to a hosted WiFi adapter (3 different devices). Sometimes it connects after about 30 sec,
but then it seemingly doesn’t connect to the target website.

Do you see this issue as well ? Can I hope that this will be fixed in some time?

Okay noted, we will invest into this bug. Sorry for any issue caused and hopefully we can get it fixed soon. :smiley:

Thank you @ansonhe97,
if it helps, the USB WiFi Adapters/ drivers I tried were:
Realtek RTL8188CU Wireless LAN 802.11n-USB 2.0-Netzwerkadapter
Intel® WiFi Link 5100 AGN
Please tell me, if I shall try out anything on my side.

Hi @ansonhe97,
I’m happy, that I have to apologize for complaining too early. I got it working again and Wio Terminal connects to my hosted WiFi Network using the rpcWiFi lib.
It seems that a Windows Update that came in between, when I switched from the atWiFi lib to the rpcWiFi lib, changed my configuration .

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