New Releasing of Wio Terminal Battery Chassis and Look Forward to your ideas!

We have released Wio Terminal last week and got a lot of feedback from our lovely customers. Glad you liked it!

Today we bring you a new extension board for Wio Terminal: The Wio Terminal Battery Chassis. It is a must-have extension board for Wio Terminal Dev Board as it provides an external power source for Wio Terminal to enhance its portability and compactness.

It has a 650mAH rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 4 Grove Analog/Digital Ports, 1 Grove I2C Port, and 1 Grove UART Port, as well as the ABS enclosure for aesthetic and protection. There is also the same Raspberry Pi 40-pin compatible GPIO at the back of the Wio Terminal Battery Chassis for more add-ons!

We are planning to develop more extension boards for Wio Terminal in the future. There are countless choices and we just listed a few of them with possible on-board add ons below. Let us know which one you prefer and what function is a must-have for you! Please leave a comment and don’t be hesitate to tell us if you have more ideas. We are open to suggestions and will take action accordingly.

Chassis - Battery: Built-in lithium battery with 6 Grove interface

Chassis - LoRa: SX1262 LoRa Module, 22dBm, 850-930MHz Transceiver, SMA antenna

Chassis - Audio: I2S Encoder/Decoder, n * microphones, MIDI Jack or 3.5mm Jack

Chassis - Battery Plus: 12V Booster, 2000MAh, Motor Driver

Chassis - RS485 Converter

Chassis - Ethernet: W5500, POE

Chassis - CAN Bus: RJ45, OBD-II, Screw Terminal

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A very good product, support it, I hope everyone like it.


Nice device to learn programming and microcontroller.

Are there any CAD models for this, preferably at board level for integration?

Yes, we will provide it after shipment. WIO Terminal is a completely open-source hardware product. @justreid


Do you plan to make your board supported by circuitpython?

As this fork of micropython is already supporting boards with atsamd51, it couldn’t be very difficult to add this board.

Could you make a pull request to add support for your board in circuitpython ?


Forget circuitpython, our ArduPy will make you feel the magic of programming again.

Thanks baozhu but I won’t. Circuitpython seems far more convenient to my needs and it just makes me feel that magic.

That’s a pity that you don’t want to provide support with circuitpython as it could make you sell more hardware.

I will just cancel my pre order of wio terminal.

That is a more than odd response tbh.
Circuitpython already has far more drivers than MicroPython and has a large amount of graphics related libraries that are perfect for hardware like the Wio Terminal.
Mass Storage based programming is also far more convenient. I really hope you reconsider that position.

Actually whether this can be supported or not depends on Adafruit’s attitude. They simply need to add a pin map and usb vid/pid in the code to support it. However, this information is completely open source. @timonsku @olivier-boesch

Hi hi, I’m Scott, the lead for CircuitPython. Me and others are paid by Adafruit to work full-time on CircuitPython.

We love to see non-Adafruit boards supported in CircuitPython. (There are already many.) We will always review pull requests for any addition to CircuitPython including non-Adafruit boards. Those of us paid by Adafruit will only provide limited support for non-Adafruit boards though. It is expected that the board manufacturer is the main contact for support.

In this case it means we won’t add the Wio Terminal ourselves but would happily merge a PR for it.

Adafruit provides USB PIDs to hobby boards for use in CircuitPython but expects companies who sell boards to have a USB VID of their own that they can use in CircuitPython.

ArduPy looks neat and I am curious to see what parts people want to integrate back into CircuitPython. As I said before, we’re always happy to review PRs.


Suggest LoRa can be DASH7, SX1262 can be used as a DASH7 device with a specific firmware flashed. I prefer DASH7 to LoRa due to the industry advantages of DASH7.
If possible, there could be an external EEPROM to extend the program, while an AI helper could be integrated. That will be a powerful ML device for IoT.
How about adding 4G/5G support to the Wio so that the device can be used anywhere?
More ideas may occur to me, but I think the features I mentioned above could make this approaching to an advanced IoT terminal for both hobbyists and professionals.

Hi Scott, it is really nice to have you here. We really appreciate what circuit python has done and hopefully we will soon have PR regarding wio terminal for circuit python. Keeping it up.

You’re absolutely right, ArduPy was designed with the intention that he would be able to use the product in a professional way.

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Thanks Scott, this is Eric Pan from Seeed. We appreicate the openess!

Ardupy is taking quite a different approach and serving different purposes more towards industrial tool. We will surely consider circuit python as users are now asking for it. Cheers!

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Thanks @Baozhu and @ESP! Happy be here. Feel free to email me if you ever want to have private discussions.

I’ll add this forum to my rotation so I can help answer any CircuitPython questions I see.


Thanks @ESP and @tannewt , these are very good news !

@olivier-boesch Hi Olivier, this is Elaine from Seeed. We will support CircuitPython by June and we will keep updating here, stay tuned with us :slight_smile:


I need
Chassis - CAN Bus: RJ45, OBD-II, Screw Terminal

Is this available for purchase? What is the alternative to apply external power to the Wii Terminal to make it mobile?

I have a project that needs accurate timer so I would like an accurate RTC with an interrupt such as DS3231 to fit in the enclosure. Needs 3v SDA SCL and IO for the square wave

Other requests:
GPS module for position and timing. Needs serial, power and IO for pps signal.

Small plugs to cover up unused ports.

Could the battery chassis have an alternative deeper back to accommodate a 40 pin breakout and user extension boards?