NEW Releasing: Grove-Breadboard

An important new member of Grove family just arrived!!! See this cute electrical bread! :bread:


This will be a totally new breadboard combing onboard Grove connector, Grove standard form factor and onboard self-recovery fuse and work indicator LED.

Breadboards are one of the most fundamental pieces when learning how to build circuits. With Grove-Breadboard, now the circuit you build will be connected to the Grove system, enabling the modular use of the circuit prototype and the Grove module.

For electronic engineers, you can build a new Grove yourself (we are looking forward to see the breadboard Grove you build), for beginners, this can be your first breadboard to learn electronic knowledge by combining useful breadboard and friendly-started plug-and-play Grove connectors!

In the below demo, we made the prototype for Grove-Relay. We are looking forward to new Grove you build with us!

:laughing:We decided to send 100 #FreeSamples to you 1)who retweet or repost with the new Grove Breadboard,2) and plus the hashtag #GroveBreadboard.

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We will send free coupon(not include shipping) to the earliest 100 people when the product finally released! Let us know you like it!

This is great news! I’ve always wanted something like this :smiley: