New Products: SenseCAP ONE, Industrial-grade Compact Weather Stations for Meteorological Monitoring

SenseCAP ONE is an industrial-grade compact weather station. It consists of several meteorological sensors that measure the following parameters: air temperature & humidity, barometric pressure, light, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, and PM10. By adopting a modular design, SenseCAP ONE makes it possible for you to conveniently integrate different combinations of sensors into one compact weather station according to actual application needs.

The products are designed with industry standards, IP66 rated, featuring high accuracy, high reliability and stability, and strong robustness. SenseCAP ONE series supports RS485/RS422 (Modbus) and SDI-12 interface, enabling easy extension with other sensors of respective interfaces. SenseCAP ONE is easy to deploy, durable for long-term operation in the harsh environment in the outdoor field, making it perfect for applications in the scenarios of smart city, power-grid, power plants, road weather stations, airports, and smart agriculture, etc.

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