New Product Ideas: A "Pocket Computer" that can be developed at any time and place.

New Product Ideas:

A “Pocket Computer” that can be developed at any time and place.

Do you often have to use different computers because of office work, but because it is not the computer you are used to, it is not so easy to operate, and you need to repeatedly install some software and environment?

Are you new to programming, but because the installation of the environment is complicated and gave up?

If there is a product that solves your problem, which allows you to use your operating system no matter which computer you 're using, and has helped you install all the dependent development environment that you need.

Lets you just focus on the programming. Do you have any suggestions or predictions for this product? We will take your opinions and decide whether to produce!

I’m tired of having to switch from one computer to another, or to juggle between different Docker containers. So I have a series of Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless ready to use, each one with a given application. I call them my hardware containers.

Among other applications: an MQTT + Node-RED local IoT server, a local WiFi router with shared files, an ad-remover server, …

Unless used headless, the main problem with computers, SBCs, pockets and laptops, relies on peripherals required for the human interface : the screen, the keyboard and the mouse take a lot of space.

So the idea would be to split the computer per se from those peripherals. There is already an interesting concept soon to be turned into a product by NexDock. The laptop features a 13.3" 1920x1080 touch-screen, a keyboard with a trackpad, speakers and a 51 Wh battery. It connects to the SBC through HDMI and USB. Unfortunately, the price point makes it hardly competitive against comparable solutions.

However, the concept seems promising and could meet a larger audience at a lower price point.