New order process instructions?

Hi - new user here.
I was mere moments from placing an order, when I refreshed and saw the changed steps. The ‘old’ method required the customer to email the 7 files, while the new method allows direct upload of a single design file from the order page.

Which file should be uploaded, or should I zip those 7 gerber files and send the zip archive?


Dear customer,

thanks for your inquiry.

yeah, you can put all of hem into a zip file and upload it.

but please mark the information clearly. just like the quantity , size , color and so on. by the way, don’t forget the outline and the drill file.

any other helps needed you can contact when you feel free.

have a nice day.

Which software should be used for zipping purpose? Winzip or winrar???

Both two styles software of zip are ok.Choose one you like.