New Nano Quad, need some info

Hello, Just purchased a nano quad and since it came with the battery installed and the online manual does not give any information on removing the back to access the battery or calibration pots…I need a little help. Don’t want the destroy it by prying the back off unless that is what is required. :wink: Also not sure what if the message that comes up when turned on is the model or software version?? It sez, “sys version 2.45”. Doesn’t show up for more then a second. :open_mouth: Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

To remove the back, you slide it about 1/8" to the left (while looking at the back). It’s not just the metal part that moves, it’s the metal plus the lighter-colored plastic.

There are two different version numbers on the startup screen, “system” and “application.” It would be nice to have a way of making that info show up longer…but you can always flip the switch off and back on again to look again. You probably have something like:

    Hardware Ver 2.60    Serial No: xxxxxxxxx
    DS203 Mini DSO SYS Ver 1.41
    DS203 Mini DSO APP Ver 2.45

“DS203” is the model. I believe “Hardware Ver 2.60” is the only shipped version, other than the 2.2 that beta-testers had (has everyone traded those in for the finished 2.6 hardware)?

See the first topic under “DSO Quad and X” for the latest versions (SYS: 1.50 and APP: 2.50 as of 22-Jul-2011).

Thanks for your rapid reply Dave. I noticed some of the nano pictures show a white frame, mine has a dark almost transparent frame that does not slide easily. :wink: However I was eventually able to slide it off, per your directions, thank you! Having difficulty putting it back together. :blush: Guess I’ll wait until I get it calibrated. Your guess as to the model version and installed firmware was also just as you predicted. Thanks again for your assistance.
Have a great day!