New GPRS shield problems

I ran around the message board and google to figure out this problem. no avail.

  1. I have to move the device to a new COM port every time I boot it up
  2. When the GPRS shield starts up it spits out YYYYYYY like for other people
  3. After spitting out the Ys it does NOT proceed any further.

I have used a few different sketches that pass soft serial data, all produce the same error.

I have an arduino UNO R3 and the GPRS shield 1.4 from seeed


I spent some time troubleshooting my actions.

  1. to avoid messing up serial communication dont use the external/Xduino power source switch as a power switch.
  2. it just spits garbage at start up sometimes
  3. make sure you attempted to set the baud rate of the GPRS module

thanks guys, im obviously retarded

Is the GPRS Shield sold on Amazon under the Seeeduino name the same one you have?

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