New EC and BIOS firmware

Hello, everyone, we just release a new EC and BIOS Firmware:

  • Fix fan problem
  • Added secure boot and PXE boot.

Please note that Odyssey which is activated version need to re-activate over internet (i.e. type your activation code in Windows again).

Due to the BIOS can not detect the eMMC preset or not, please disable the eMMC function if your board do not contain 64GB internal storage. This function you can find in BIOS setting -> chipset -> eMMC support -> [Disable].

The eMMC setting of BIOS will effect the “boot to BIOS” function in Linux.

How to upgrade EC and BIOS?

Please check the following wiki:


USERS… Please be very careful… The procedure to update the BIOS has been followed for 3 persons (at least) and the Odyssey are not booting up.