New DSO203. 2.72 Hardware with 8 MB USB drive..Gabonator?

HI all. :slight_smile:
I’ve just recieved a DSO QUAD mini in the post. It has HW version 2.72 and 8 MB of space on the USB drive. There is a 9229B8DE.par file on the USB drive but nothing else I can see…
Can anyone tell me if I am safe to burn Gabonator’s impressive looking FW to the device without any tears or comebacks?
If so, I just put the device into DFU mode and drop the GABOUI_1.hex file (which is 1,269KB) into the drive ???
Any help appreciated.

GABOUI_1.hex file is 460KB. Look into your file, probably you will see full of HTML codes.
Anyway, it is reported that file operations are not working on 8MB devices.

Hi Alampert. Thanks for the heads up.
Would you know where I can get the correct HTML free code?

Here you can find the latest HEX code: … BOUI_1.hex

I’m happy to confirm that the current version of Gabonator (2014-03-04 v1.0) seems to work fine on my recently bought 2.72 hardware.

Thanks a lot to all who decicated their time implementing this very nice software! Much appreciated…