New DSO Quad - backup?

I am expecting a new DSO Quad via Amazon. Due to the comments I checked that it had the 2M drive on the website, but at this point I’m not sure what I will be getting or if it will ever work with the community software. I paid extra for “latest version”, now not sure if that was a good thing.

So normally I would backup a device prior to such “playing around”. Is there a way to backup the current firmware from the DSO? It would be best if it could be saved and restored as an image so it could be put back if something goes wrong. I know there is current software available, but the paranoid in my would like to save it “as is”. Is this possible?

Also, assuming I do get the 8M 2.72 version, is the thinking that this should just be sent back and the “not newest” version ordered (not sure what version that is), or is the thinking that the experts here will figure it out and the 8M version will become the new “best”?

Difficult call. The 2M version will certainly give you instant access to all the other software which is a good thing being much better than the stock sw. The 2M is also not a big limitation as it holds a large number of stored waveforms already.

On the other hand it’s nice to have the extra storage and I don’t think it is that difficult in principle to support the 8M version. The problem, I think, is that most of the developers of the other software have 2M devices so they have no real means to test 8M support and I guess not so much incentive either.

I suspect it will get figured out but it may take a little while yet.

Of course it can’t be that easy!

I am in the DC (USA) Area if any of the developers are in the area and would like to try the 8M unit.

I also did C development years ago, may be able to help if I got some pointers.

If you want to get into the development side that is not so difficult and the software itself is not that complicated. The main bit to understand is the relationship between the App and the SYS software. The latter provides a set of calls that the App uses to interact with the underlying hardware.

The github for the community app has some pointers on how to set up a dev environment. First stage is to get to the point where you can rebuild that App from source and be confident that it is linked to normal App memory space.

With that and the ability to load your original App back on then it is pretty risk free to experiment with changing the App code.

In principle one should be able to make changes to the App to make it compatible with SYS 1.6 which supports the 8M version.