New design of Jetson Nano Carrier Board

Hi everyone,

We’ve designed a new Jetson Nano Carrier Board with 4-lane CSI and M.2 Key M (support NVME) socket. There is also an onboard motor driver and wifi&bluetooth module. As a result, we removed the original M.2 Key E socket. Below is the rendering of the design. Do you like it? Or do you have any suggestions or opinions about the carrier board?

Please leave a message and let us know. Any reply will be appreciated.

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We are doing a lot of work with the Jetson Xavier. That SOMM is a game changer. We are connecting a carrier to our custom PCB. This is what our needs are.

1. RS232 - communication with an external device 
2. M.2 Key - Hard Drive 
3. HDMI - Touch Screen
4. SPI - WI-FI 
6. IC2 - NFC
7. GPIO  
8. USB
9. Audio out (currently going through USB)
10. Microphone (currently going through USB)
    11. MIPI - camera x 2

Hi, @Wayne , thanks for the reply. Could you please help clarify the scenario about how you are using Jetson Xavier. We could understand your needs better if you can kindly share more details.