New Case for Respeaker Mic Array 2.0??

Any updates on the new pro case that’ll work better with Respeaker Mic Array 2.0?

Was supposed to come out in July??


Hi there~

Sorry, for the respeaker mic array v2.1, we move the audio jack and micro usb to other side of the pcb. So the new case works with v2.1 only. I does not work with v2.0. We will sale the mic array v2.1 with the case together. thanks for understanding.

I purchased a v2.0 three weeks ago and have been looking for a case as well. For those of us that have ReSpeaker v2.0 and need JUST the case, can you make this available?

I bought my Mic array today. I need a case for this too ! I believe it is Version 2.0

These are not cheap and to not have a case available is poor.

You can get them at Digikey or Mouser still:

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You still would need a longer tipped micro-USB: