New blue X86J4125, no display out

New Odyssey Blue: J4125 Windows 10 with SSD, from Mouser Electronics. I’ve never been able to get a display signal from it.
I cannot get a display through HDMI or DisplayPort over Type C. The cables are known good as is the display.
I’ve searched through this forum, and tried:

  1. Resetting the BIOS by removing power and the CMOS battery, then putting it all back.
  2. Different power adapters.
  3. with and without the SATA SSD installed.

The LED on the power button turns on within a second or two of connecting power, and turns off as soon as I press the button. The fan never spins. If I leave power connected and the blue LED still on, it does get quite warm.
I have not tried powering it through USB-C since I don’t have a power adapter that will do 15V. Either way, it should work on the DC adapter.

Any ideas?

It looks like the device needs to be sent back to us for testing, could you please contact with a link to this posting and we will take care of it for you in email.