New Air Quality Sensor Code


I started to write a new library for the Air Quality sensor since the original code from the Seeedstudio page is very bad and buggy, e.g. using i as a public variable or initializing by a given pin (_pin) and then always read from pin 0 (A0). As well it is hard to understand what the intention was.

You can find the code on github MikeHg/AirQualitySensor (unfortunately I’m not allowed to copy the complete URL in this Forum - off-site URL, but I hope you find it).

Of course you are invited to contribute if you find it useful and want to improve it :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for contributing to seeed’s air quality sensor.

I downloaded your code, The Arduino IDE doesn’t think it’s a valid library but I got it to work. I want to add to it a bit but I’m not sure that I understand what it’s outputting. I understand the strings (“Good air”, etc) but I don’t understand the numbers. Could you explain them a bit? Thanks