Networking support

Do you have any information about networking (wifi/ble) support for micropython ?

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Daniel V.

@DanielVALAT Sorry , Not yet, we are investigating how to implement it.

When you think is going to be available ?

We are not sure about a certain date. Please stay tuned with us for updates!

so could you please change the description on your webpages like e.g.:
Compatible with Arduino and MicroPython, Wio Terminal is an ATSAMD51-based microcontroller with wireless connectivity supported by Realtek RTL8720DN.

what’s the use if people order it, try to get it working, have to search the forum and then find out, that the products promise isn’t true? (to say it politely). now I have to figure out with my dealer who pays the shipping back and forth for a product not matching the specifications.

pls don’t argue unless the feature is there, just change the webpage to avoid “accidentally” fooling more people!!

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The web pages and wiki have been updated, highlighting that wireless functionality is only supported by Arduino.

We initially pointed out that ArduPy is also supported hoping to bring more functionalities later. Please understand that ArduPy is quite new and we plan to gradually bring more functions in the future.

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@lakshan any news pls ?
I have just a brick here … Just say if I have to go to another board.