Negative event option

Is there any way to get a “negative” event option? For example: “Button released”.

What are u using? In IFTTT you can select equal 0 nor a generic digital input. This should work.

Good idea.

But IFTTT trigger every 5-15 minutes, please notice it.

Sure - I can detect that a button is released by doing a GET against the button. But what I need is an event (WebSockets) that fires once when the button is pressed and once when the button is released. In general it is far more useful and efficient to get events rather than polling. This goes for pretty much all the sensors. I mentioned in a previous post that I’d like an event when the accelerometer detects a shake (or movement above a certain threshold) - but you can extend that to all sensors (distance on IR interrupter below x m, distance on US distance sensor below x cm and so on). Having this capability would make Wio so much more powerful.