Needing full firmware DSO203 with Hardware version 2.7B

Hello everyone, I own an old DSO203 (2012) with HW version 2.7B. I was trying to update the application but now I lost the FPGA firmware, Sys, everything.

I was looking for any firmware in the web but seems like there is no information about Hardware version 2.7B. Links pointing to the firmware files in the forums are broken.
Messages like these are shown in the display:
"FPGA Configuration Err!"
"Please Load the FPGA Data"
"System License Error"

I would like to have a full firmware or all the files to flash my device again. My DSO has a serial 57F5B983.

Could anyone help me in this issue please?

Thanks for your attention.

Hi @Alvaro_Salazar
Here is the v2.72 firmware which is a specially synthesized update firmware.

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@jiachenglu thanks you so much for your help. Now it works but I have a system license error with my serial 57F5B983. I am using an old number of license shown in the display when it was working but seems to be a wrong number. Could you help me please? Thanks a lot.

Hi @Alvaro_Salazar
The DSO203 is a very old product, can you enter the number by hand, if the answer is yes, we need to ask the vendor to provide a new unlock code for you.

Hi @Alvaro_Salazar
Please try the unlock code of 2B0DC4D4 and 304C70F0.

Hi, I have a Dso quad Hardware version V2.60 serial 6FFCCB96 Dan sys ver 1,52 and app ver 2,53
Can I also install 2.72?

Hi @antonlamers
Yes, you can update the firmware to V2.72.

Hello @jiachenglu when I set the quad in de dfu mode I don’t see a usb drive on the pc.