Need wiring diagram for arduino

I see the breakout board in the wiki, but my sensor does not look like that at all.

Does anyone have the wiring for this breakout to an Arduino or does this need an additional component to work? Thank you very much.

@Brian Is the Seeed’s product ? Can u provide the product link ?

Here you go… Thanks so much!

@Brian This is not a Seeed product. I don’t understand it very well. I also helped you contact the customer service of AliExpress, but they didn’t reply to me.I’m very sorry for not helping you.

I appreciate your time and effort… Thanks!


I found one github repo with example code, but not sure about the functionality, please check


More Information:

Thank you for your efforts as well. Not quite what I needed, but the github code looks great!

I did find the wiring diagram for Arduino on the Arduino site:

Hope that helps anyone in the future.